THE DEEPEST OF RED WINES: poems from a spiritual journey


The Deepest of Red Wines

You have aged in me like the deepest of red wines

your words taste like the wood of the barrels

your spirit inebriates my mind

and calls forth the dance of the heart


Melt this sorrow of my heart

and let me be filled with your music

I share your love in this barren land

I pour your wine and offer it

to the friends of the earth

I sing your song

before the fire of the night



Late Working Hours of the Soul

bring forth that which you are given

stay with yourself in the garden you were given

and bring it forth out of the earth

bring the soul out of the soil

with its fragrance and its freshness

bring it forth like the husbandman

the one who was planted to watch the earth and the fields


and abandon not the place the soul was given

it is in a precious place, a place of uniqueness,

a richness, a place of joy and delight

stay there with vigilance by the silence of the soul

one can soon see into the darkness

as the stars start appearing

stay with the breath of the soul and the night air

it will replenish the soul and the heart


be not so quick and ready to return

to the place you have come to indulge

run not so quickly back to the arms of Mother

yet tarry a while on this long forgotten shore

befriend this friend the soul and trace its form

before your recognizing eyes


allow it to strike and make terrible sounds

allow it to unwind with its anger and revenge

it has waited long locked in your throat

or twisted in your heart

it has knotted in your belly

and thickened in your groin

it has not been brought fully forth

invite it, grow it, clean all around it

it will take over thee and demand a vehicle

that can stay awake

it wants a tireless mind and a fearless heart

it wants the incredible urge of energy

that rests then arouses in the animal

it wants it clean, a clear unpolluted river

racing madly to the sea

give it that for which it asks

and be not so quick to ask for sleep

there is joy in the late working hours of the soul



Honey Drips from this Honey Bee

What have I done

I have gathered the honey

not only gathered

I have breathed the honey

I have delighted in the fragrance of the honey

not only breathed

I have tasted the honey

I have savored the sweetness of the honey

I have long feasted upon this honey

not only tasted and feasted

I have digested the honey

I have metabolized the nectar of the honey

into my bones and my soul

not only digested

I have become the honey

I have danced and sung the song of the honey

My heart is the heart of the honey

Honey drips from this honey bee



I Come Everyday to the River

I come everyday to the river

and am in awe and praise

I am the vastness

it is only to be breathed

you can devour and engulf me

in silence

if visions are granted me

I will utter them

otherwise these simple words

of drunkenness

these simple hymns of gratitude

these falling tears that speak my heart







3 thoughts on “POETRY

  1. Makes me want to drink a deep red wine .. with simple bread and honey with the honeycomb .. and dance by the river

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