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The silence of a Himalayan winter










There is wisdom in this world and to receive it you only have to seek with an open mind, heart and soul. You have to draw from the longing within the heart for the teaching or possibly a teacher or you draw from the wellspring of wisdom within your own heart, which is ultimately the same source.

A wonderful and powerful teaching is one that may first be heard, read, or seen but then moves deeper into your soul, settling near your heart. Once there it begins to spread like a flame through the whole of you. It becomes blood, breathing, pulsing, it becomes energy and movement. It enters and informs your thoughts, emotions and your subtle energies. It sits within you and grows as benediction and blessing. Slowly and patiently over time it heals you and prepares you for action, service and giving.

Real learning is a complete feedback loop.

This work, this teaching, is a distillation of the teachings that have settled near my heart. For me, mindfulness and presence comprises two sides of the same master key. Mindfulness provides the attention to the core of being; presence is the acceptance of the natural being that is here and available now. My goal is to present five simple practices that can be learned and internalized as inner arts that will support you in your personal growth and transformation throughout your precious life. These five practices are meditation, dialogue, inquiry, daily mindfulness and creativity.

Once these practices are learned and anchored inside, they become catalysts that move deep inside you as you remember the key – mindfulness and presence. Actually you are moving deeper inside yourself and taking up residence in your real authentic self as you live life. You are not renouncing life, abandoning life, nor barricading yourself from life. Rather you are learning to fully engage life from your truest, most authentic self.

The feedback loop from these practices spreads into the whole of your life – your alone time, relationships, leisure, daily routines, work, art and creativity, and in your research and explorations. The very practices themselves go through a transformation from being practices to an inner art, an inner knack, a key.

Within you is a precious gift that wishes to be uncovered and in time shared. A voice arises that becomes your own service that you freely wish to give. Like a rose, you need not be shy about your buds and blossoms, for this inner gift is by no means a self-serving and narcissistic urge to be special.  It is an inner gift that you share in your own time – as you heal, ripen and mature.

As healing happens and the heart grows whole and happy, of course the heart wants to sing its song, share its love and wisdom, and ultimately help create a sense of communion between souls.

Learn to master these beautiful practices. That is, give your soul completely to them. Give them time, quality time. Just like a master gardener, give them your love and attention. This is the master teaching, which is to open your doors to the wisdom within you. Let your practice and discipline be a labor of love. And slowly, the keys to unlock the treasures of your soul will be given to you.